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Subject: Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 29 November 2006

16:00 - 18:00 UTC WEDNESDAY 29 NOVEMBER 2006


   Peter Borresen
   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Tony Coates
   Mavis Cournane
   Mike Grimley
   Paul Thorpe


   Additions to the calendar:


   Review of Pacific call

      No comments (other than the items below).

IDD templates

   AGREED to the conclusion reached in the Pacific call:

      AGREED that the "business process" column contributed by
      JPLSC should be included in the common library templates for
      use by LSCs that wish to divide up the translation work,
      said column to include just the categories "procurement" and
      "transportation" and to be removed (if it's still there)
      when the IDD is compiled.  Same for an item number column as
      Column A, with the suggestion that LSCs delete that column
      if they find the duplication of numbers confusing.

   AGREED to add title and date as template headers per request
   from JPLSC.

   Discussed this input from JPLSC:

      UBL-Catalogue-2.0-JP.xsl -> 01-UBL-Catalogue-2.0-JP.xsl
      UBL-CatalogueRequest-2.0-JP.xsl -> 02-UBL-CatalogueRequest-2.0-JP.xs
      UBL-Order-2.0-JP.xsl -> 08-UBL-Order-2.0-JP.xsl
      UBL-CommonLibrary-2.0-JP.xsl -> 51-UBL-CommonLibrary-2.0-JP.xsl

      This is because I wanted the 53 business documents will be
      listed manageable order. In case the original file name, the
      appearance order of 53 business documents are disorder.

   PB: The order depends on the particular business process.

   JB: So there is no canonical order to adopt here.

   AGREED to leave the file names unchanged in the distribution to
   the LSCs.  JPLSC can rename the files for use in translation
   but must change them back before submitting them for
   compilation in the IDD.  [We did not discuss whether JPLSC can
   use the modified file names in its own distribution for use in
   Japan, but in the past we've allowed LSCs virtually unlimited
   flexibility in the way they present UBL for their language


   AGREED to accept GKH's proposal of 7-11 May 2007 in Manhattan
   for the next UBL TC meeting.

   MC: Regarding an autumn meeting in Europe: better chance of my
   attendance at the beginning of September or October than later
   in the month (but still not good due to project deliverables).

   MG: Slim chance that I could attend a meeting in Europe.

   AGREED to hang loose on scheduling an autumn meeting and to try
   in the meantime to get more concrete dates for the proposed UBL
   International conference.  We will need to finalize the autumn
   meeting schedule by March 2007 at the latest.


   Format for UBL data model

      PB: Would like to propose that we develop a
      vendor-independent format for the UBL data model that better
      accommodates customizations.

      JB: One of the two formats we use for spreadsheets (ODF) is
      an ISO standard, and we've had several independent
      demonstrations of successfully producing schemas from the
      spreadsheets, so vendor independence is not an issue as long
      as we maintain the model as spreadsheets.  Is there some
      other issue here?

      PB: Yes, we need a layered model to better support
      customizations.  The spreadsheets work well for starting
      from scratch, but not for representing later modification or
      creating business rules.  Perhaps we need an XML format
      designed for this.

      ACTION: PB to provide a discussion document on the need for
      a vendor-independent format for the UBL data model that
      includes an initial statement of requirements.

   TC calls during the holidays

      JB: Note that we have no TC calls the week of 4 December.
      We will have calls the week of 11 December, then (due to the
      solstice celebrations) no more calls till the week of 8
      January.  So our meeting schedule for the next few calls is:

         Pacific:  2006.12.11|12
         Atlantic: 2006.12.13
         Pacific:  2007.01.08|09
         Atlantic: 2007.01.10

      MB/PT: Will not be on the call 13 December.

      MC: The 13 December call will be my last until 7 February.

   NDR 2.0 public review

      MC: We got just one comment on NDR 2.0: that it was a
      significant improvement on 1.0.

      JB: I think that we should copy the instance rules from UBL
      2.0 back into the 2.0 NDR.

      AGREED to implement that change and put NDR on the agenda
      for the Atlantic TC call 10 January 2007.

   Requesting UBL 2.0 standardization

      JB: Due to the single negative vote on the UBL 2.0
      standardization ballot, I will be posting a common consent
      resolution requesting OASIS to move the specification
      forward immediately following the close of voting Thursday
      night.  Since we're not meeting next week, we'll do this by
      mail.  You don't need to do anything if you have no
      objection to going ahead with standardization.

Jon Bosak

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