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Subject: Stylesheets for HTML rendering of genericode and UBL context/value association files

Fellow UBL TC members,

As part of the specification of the context/value association files 
in the UBL methodology for code list and value validation, it is 
possible to embed elements of foreign namespaces into the file for 
documentation purposes.

This embedded foreign vocabulary could be simple text (as illustrated 
in the methodology), XHTML, DocBook, or any other XML vocabulary.

If one chooses to use XHTML, then Crane has published stylesheets 
used to render this documentation in standalone HTML reports or 
directly in XSLT-aware web browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer.

As part of this work, it is necessary to render the content of 
genericode files with the lists of coded values.  I've modularized 
the stylesheets so that if you have genericode files and you want to 
render their content in a standalone fashion (rather than as part of 
a context/value file rendering), you can do so.

Both stylesheets can be used by standalone XSLT processors to create 
standalone HTML files, or you can use a stylesheet association 
processing instruction in a genericode file or context/value 
association file to trigger the HTML rendering in an XSLT-aware browser.

These files will be helpful to you if you need to present the content 
of these files without exposing markup to those who are averse to 
seeing angle brackets.  The content is hyperlinked and the codes and 
meta data are presented in an orderly fashion in tables.

To download a copy of these freely-available stylesheets, please 
visit the "Free resources" section of our web site linked in our 
trailer below.  The first section of the resources page is a link to 
the UBL and code list resources.  On that page under "Stylesheet 
resources" is the "Genericode and context/value association file 
stylesheets" section.  I'm not including the actual URL in this post 
in case the URL has to change which would make the archives out of date.

There is a "readme" file with (hopefully) complete instructions 
regarding using the stylesheets.

I welcome any feedback and suggestions to improve on the rendering of 
this information.

I hope these are considered helpful.

. . . . . . . . . Ken

cc:  UBL TC, UBL Dev, Code List TC

World-wide corporate, govt. & user group XML, XSL and UBL training
G. Ken Holman                 mailto:gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com
Crane Softwrights Ltd.          http://www.CraneSoftwrights.com/o/
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