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Subject: 2007 UBL TC F2F meeting schedule

Hello UBL TC,

Some people have expressed confusion regarding the recent changes
to our 2007 F2F meeting schedule.  Here's the story.

 - We realized that we didn't actually have to meet four times in
   2007 and decided in the interest of minimizing travel expenses
   to meet in person only twice next year, once in the spring and
   once in the fall.

 - The spring meeting has been set for 7-11 May 2007 at Sun
   Microsystems offices in Manhattan (101 Park Avenue, where we
   met January 2006).  This meeting replaces both the March
   meeting previously scheduled for Gaithersburg and the May/June
   meeting previously scheduled for Ithaca.

 - The autumn meeting has not yet been scheduled, but it will be
   in Europe and may be co-located with a UN/CEFACT Forum meeting
   tentatively scheduled to take place 17-21 September in

The current schedule appears in our event calendar:



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