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Subject: UBL 2.0 acknowledgements

Hello UBL TC,

With yesterday's press release, UBL 2.0 is officially complete.
My thanks and congratulations to everyone who contributed to this
effort!  We've still got a long way to go in completing the
translations, the Support Package, and the various standalone
documents associated with the spec, but we're over the hump.

Acknowledging contributions by name is particularly difficult in a
volunteer project that depended on so many people, but Tim and I
have made an initial attempt to list those we felt deserved
notice.  You can see the result on our public web page:


We know that this list is not complete, so please send mail to me
(jon.bosak@sun.com) and Tim (tmcgrath@portcomm.com.au) as you
think of people who should be added.

I'll be offline for the next several days reinstalling the
operating system on my laptop, so changes to the site may not be
made till next week.  I plan to revise the entire TC page right
after the New Year, so please also send me suggestions off the
list for ways in which you think it could be improved.  (We have
to operate within the template provided by OASIS, so we can't do
large-scale restructuring, but we can change the content within
each category.)

Best wishes for the solstice holidays to one and all!


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