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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 8|9 January 2007

00:30 - 02:30 UTC TUESDAY 9 JANUARY 2007


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   G. Ken Holman
   Tim McGrath (vice chair)
   Andy Schoka


   Additions to the calendar:

      AS: For TBG3, put Kama and Andy.

      GKH: Still trying to organize a UBL International 2007 Q2
      colocated with XTech in May.

      TM: Still trying for a UBL TC meeting colocated with the
      September UN/CEFACT meeting in Stockholm.

      JB: Will be giving a UBL presentation at the Federal xml CoP
      meeting the morning of 17 January.

   Subcommittee report: PSC

      AS: Didn't work this week; ML proposing next Monday, with
      BITS on the agenda.

      TM: Most of the PSC effort is going into the TBG1
      collaboration.  The UBL-TBG1 team is meeting in Brussels
      next week and starting to look at the Catalogue document.

      JB: So we have three UBL-UN/CEFACT collaboration meetings
      next week: with TBG1 (PSC), TBG3 (TSC), and ATG2 (NDR).

      AGREED to skip next week's UBL TC calls due to the absence
      of several members at various meetings with UN/CEFACT.
      Calls will resume the week of 22 January.

   Subcommittee report: TSC

      TM: TSC call scheduled for Tuesday to talk about the meeting
      with TBG3 in Lyon next week.  Part of the agenda in Lyon
      will be to rationalize the TBG3 and UNeDocs data models into
      a single conceptual model.

   Review of Atlantic call of 2006.12.13

      JB: Forgot to note that we agreed with the Pacific TC
      participants to go ahead with the LSC templates.


   AS: See the December 2006 UN/CEFACT quarterly report on this
   subject (page 7).

   AGREED and JB's chief role in the ATG2 meeting next week will
   be to lay our business requirements and relevant position
   papers on the table:

    - Latest UBL NDRs

    - UMCLVV (GKH: Note that this has been adopted by the NZ
      Ministry of Education.)

    - Extension (what's in the UBL 2.0 Standard + the original
      business requirements from BR (document #16994))

    - Customization (GKH's methodology, document #18849)

      TM: Note that in Singapore we made the NDR editors the
      owners of the larger customization strategy document going


   See list at end of these minutes.


   ACTION: PSC to follow up with Harm Jan van Burg to gain an
   understanding of his negative vote on UBL 2.0.

      TM: Will put on the PSC agenda.

   ACTION: PSC to review the procurement instances in the BITS
   draft in order to align the procurement data with the data in
   the transportation instances.

      AS/TM: Will be considered at next meeting.

Jon Bosak



   Naming and Design Rules

      Will be on the agenda for the Atlantic TC call 10 January.

   UBL Methodology for Code List and Value Validation (UMCLVV; was

      Now at version 0.8 draft 2 (as of 2 January).

   Customization Methodology

      In progress -- note that NDR Editors MG/MC are owners.


      Continues as a project.  Gruffudd has finished proposals for
      about 20 of the UBL 2.0 document types.

      AGREED to progress SBS and BITS separately; BITS is not
      trying to specify a data model but is rather an end-to-end
      example implementation. SBS transport schemas will be based
      on the instance documents used in BITS.

   Signature Implementation Guide

      Has been translated; need to get this from from PLB and
      confirm it as a UBL deliverable.

   Output specifications

      To be based on SBS.

   Input specifications

      "Implicit in XForms."


   CNLSC: Translation underway.

      ACTION: TM to contact CNLSC chair William Chan for an
      estimate of Chinese translation completion.

   DKLSC: Mid-January 2007.

   ESLSC: End of January 2007.

      JB: Former ESLSC co-chair Florencio Díaz Vilches has left
      OASIS, leaving Oriol Bausa Peris as the chair of the ESLSC.

   ITLSC: March 2007.

   JPLSC: August 2007.

   KRLSC: Seeking funding.

   AGREED to take what we've received by March and publish IDD 2.0


   [Pointer to] DK Implementation Guide: Scenarios with
   English-language descriptions, sample documents,
   Schematron-based validation for DK subset

      TM: AS and TM are reviewing a draft of this.

   DK Implementation Guide completion: XForms for DK subset,
   completion of translations

      JB: Status of XForms?

      GKH: Totally unrelated to Stephen Green's sourceforge

      JB: Will try to ask PB about this in the Atlantic call.

   Basic International Trade Scenario (BITS)

      In progress; PSC to review initial draft while work
      continues on the transport side.

   Output stylesheets for BITS

      TM: Will put on TSC agenda.

      GKH: Will pick this up in April.

   Code List Support (gc code lists, default association files,
   default .sch assertion files, default XSLT validation files)

      "To be generated after completion of CLVVM [now UMCLVV]"

      GKH: As the schemas didn't change, it's not necessary to
      produce a new zip.  So this is done except for user
      documentation.  It's been mentioned on the mail list and
      posted in the OASIS docs repository.  But we need wider
      buy-in for the exhaustive verification approach before we
      can publish this as a UBL deliverable.

   Model UBL Letter Agreement

      Bosak to do.

      TM: Will send URL for the UN version.

   EA data model

      Done (Bosak to download).

   FX data model

      Due week of 8 January 2007.

      ACTION: JB to ping Michael Dill.

   AGREED to publish the Support Package as a Support Page rather
   than a document.

   ACTION: JB to request OASIS to change the Software SC page to
   Support SC, with original membership to consist of the UBL 2.0
   editors and all the subcommittee chairs; the SSC page will then
   be used to make links to support package components, the the
   SSC mail list will be used for requests to form the links.

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