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Subject: Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 24 January 2007

16:00 - 18:00 UTC WEDNESDAY 24 JANUARY 2007


   Peter Borresen
   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Zarella Rendon
   Andy Schoka
   Paul Thorpe


   Additions to the calendar:

      PB: Regarding the April OASIS symposium in San Diego: PB
      will be giving a UBL presentation, and MHB will be giving a
      UBL tutorial.

   Review of Pacific call

      No comments.


   JB: Have changed the membership as instructed and requested
   OASIS to change the name of ubl-ssc to "Support SC."

   PB: Note oioubl.dk; materials in English will be provided as

   ACTION: PB to provide pointers to English-language materials on
   the Danish site.


   JB: The NDR editors are not available this week.  I am trying
   to schedule an Atlantic call NDR work session for 7 February.

   Everyone on the call said that they would be available for the
   Atlantic TC meetings 31 January and 7 February.

   JB: Will schedule 31 January for Support Page work and try to
   get NDR editors for 7 February to work on NDR.


   JB: See ATG2 meeting notes.

   PB: It doesn't look like ATG2 was very receptive to UBL.

   JB: They were quite receptive to the ideas we presented, just
   not to recognizing UBL as a special case.  It appeared to me
   that all of the organizations represented at the meeting are
   dedicated to starting over with the major issues and are using
   the previous ATG NDR as an issues checklist rather than
   something that's set in stone.  This looks to me like a
   good-faith "best of breed" effort and worthy of our support.

   AS: Would it be possible to form a core set of NDRs that
   everyone agrees on and allow individual SDOs to create their
   own customizations for the rest?

   JB: Maybe, but that's not what everyone wants; they want a
   single set of NDRs that all the SDOs adhere to.  I'm still not
   clear on how this benefits interoperability beyond what we gain
   from basing work on a common set of CCs as long as the
   different SDOs continue to maintain separate sets of schemas,
   but everyone seems to believe that it does.

   PB: The current UN/CEFACT approach to customization doesn't
   appear to provide interoperability.

   JB: This is one of the major issues that ATG2 will be working
   on.  The biggest NDR issues are code lists, customization
   (which ATG2 calls "derivation"), and global/local scoping.

   ACTION: JB to create a list of proposed action items for UBL TC
   review of the major ATG2 issues together with pointers to
   existing contributions from the other SDOs.


   AS: Pointers to UBL and UNeDocs presentations to the Federal
   XML Community of Practice last week?

   JB: http://xml.gov/presentations.asp

   AS: What about the registration of UBL at ET.gov?

   JB: It means that we're listed on the et.gov web site at
   http://et.gov/component_search.aspx and can be searched for in
   the database; beyond that, I'm not entirely sure.  Apparently,
   .mil and .gov users need to be made aware that UBL is
   registered so that they can start specifying UBL in government
   work, but I'm not clear on the details.  Also, this is a first
   step toward inclusion of UBL in the Federal Enterprise
   Architecture (FEA) Technical Reference Model (TRM); I need to
   find out more about how this works.  We've apparently completed
   Stage 1 (http://et.gov/stage1.htm) and now need to move on to
   Stage 2 (http://et.gov/stage2.htm), which requires the
   formation of a "Community of Practice" among .mil and .gov

   ACTION: JB to put "ideas for communicating with .mil and .gov"
   on the agenda for next week's TC calls.

   AS: Can the bridge used for TC calls be used for ad hoc
   meetings on specific issues?

   JB: Yes, within limits; the key is to make sure that the call
   doesn't conflict with some other use of the bridge.  Send
   proposed time to the list to make sure no one else is planning
   use at the same time.

Jon Bosak

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