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Subject: Re: [ubl] UBL Swinger 1.0 - Community Edition (further install info)

Hello again,

please be advised that til 10:00 AM (GMT+1) I applied some deployment
changes to simplify your install experience.

Please find here some more useful info:

1) The install is based on Java Web Start, it means Java(tm) is required
on your computer (minimum SUN J2RE 1.5+)

2) You have to accept a Thawte Certificate in order to use UBL Swinger,
please just accept the certificate.

3) A workspace is necessary to UBL Swinger, the install process will ask
you to choose a directory where the workspace will be copied
Basically the workspace will contain the UBL 1.0 /2.0 XML Catalogs.
The workspace is just a collection of XML Catalogs.

After Workspace is successfully initialized you are kindly requested to
re-start the UBL Swinger interface... this is a little bug, I forgot to
refresh the tool after Workspace init.

That's it !
The BEST way to use it is:

1) Choose an UBL Catalog
2) Choose an UBL Schema from Catalog
   ...A new UBL document will be realized



1) Choose any UBL schema from your hard disk
2) Create a new document based on this schema using the "New Document"

NOTE: The (A) practise is recommended as the Catalog play a key role to
let the document recognize code lists (genericode) and other features.
In few words without a precise Catalog you'll se the document without most
codelist comboboxes... thus you'll have to digit codes directly an a text

Have a nice experience with this new tool !

Best regards

Roberto Cisternino

> Dear UBL Members and Developers,
> Ladies and Gentlements,
> please find an new easy-to-use UBL document editor I developed in my spare
> time:
> UBL Swinger 1.0 - Community Edition  (made in Italy)
> http://www.javest.com/
> Just follow the Spot...
> Best regards
> co-chair
> Roberto Cisternino

Roberto Cisternino

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