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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 5|6 February 2007

00:30 - 02:30 UTC TUESDAY 6 FEBRUARY 2007


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   G. Ken Holman
   Tim McGrath (vice chair)
   Andy Schoka


   Additions to the calendar:

      AS: Note UN/CEFACT FMG F2F this week.

   Liaison reports (Tax XML TC, UN/CEFACT, X12)


   Subcommittee report: PSC

      TM: ML out sick.

   Subcommittee report: TSC

      TM: No meeting last week; Kama trying to schedule for this
      week.  Received Bill of Lading example from Roberto.  Need
      to nail down the BITS schedule.

   Review of Atlantic call

      No comments.


   ACTION: JB to put SG's sourceforge project on list of proposed
   additions for next week.


   [Actually, we are waiting for a submission from SG.  Mail has
   been sent.]

   JB: Should UBL 1.0 support materials be put on ubl-ssc?

   GKH: Just legacy now; will cause confusion.

   JB: But I want users to be aware of what we did for 1.0 as an
   indication of what we'll be providing for 2.0.

   AGREED to set up a UBL 1.0 legacy support page on JB's site at
   ibiblio (pending a better suggestion from OASIS) and point to
   that from ubl-ssc with a disclaimer that this is legacy

   A discussion ensued over whether we want to distinguish "free"
   products and services from "commercial" products and services.

   JB/AS: Really like the distinction.

   TM/GKH: But we can't think of an unambiguous way to express it;
   all the "free" products have some connection with commercial
   products or services.

   AGREED for the time being to put all the products and services
   in a single category to be called "UBL 2 resources from third

   AGREED to review this policy at the May F2F in Manhattan.

   AGREED to consider a category for consultants (as such,
   independent of resources) at the Manhattan F2F and maintain a
   moratorium on such listings till then.

   With these understandings in mind, the following dispositions
   of materials received last week were agreed upon (pending
   review in this week's Atlantic call):

      1. "Practical Universal Business Language Deployment" book


         Practical Universal Business Language Deployment
         overviews the artefacts published in the Universal
         Business Language 2.0 specification, with details on
         schemes for deploying and utilizing the artefacts to
         effect stated objectives. This book is an electronic
         publication offering perpetual no-charge updates as the
         content evolves based on deployment and community

         DISPOSITION: Include on ubl-ssc under Third-party

      2. "Practical Universal Business Language Deployment"
         instructor-led hands-on training


         This is a one-, two- or three-day configuration of
         instructor-led hands-on training in the deployment and
         use of the Universal Business Language 2.0 artefacts. It
         is derived from the book of the same title and includes
         exercises that are not part of the publication.

         DISPOSITION: Include on ubl-ssc under Third-party

      3. OSS UBL API


         The OSS UBL API is an implementation of the OASIS
         Universal Business Language (UBL), and can be used in
         conjunction with the OSS XSD/C Tools or the OSS ASN.1/C
         Tools. The API parses, serializes, creates, modifies,
         copies, and displays UBL documents in binary or XML
         format. The UBL documents are internally represented as C
         structures. The UBL Procurement process is fully
         supported (concrete API functions are provided for
         business transactions). UBL subsets are also supported,
         including UBL-SBS. A library and a set of samples using
         that library are available. Both static and dynamic
         versions of the UBL API libraries are supported on UNIX
         and Windows.

         DISPOSITION: The current offering should be categorized
         as UBL 1.0 legacy.  We expect to see another submission
         when the UBL 2.0 version becomes available.

      4. Contivo Builder


         Contivo Builder is a schema vocabulary development tool
         that simplifies understanding and leveraging XML Schema
         vocabularies. The vocabulary approach enables developers
         to access the entire collection of schemas in UBL 2.0,
         readily reuse the component definitions in new schemas
         and capture the relationships between UBL and other
         schemas. Based on the Eclipse IDE, Builder is available
         at no charge. A vocabulary encompassing the entire UBL
         2.0 schemas set is available for free download.

         DISPOSITION: Include on ubl-ssc under Third-party

      5. UN/ECE Electronic Commerce Agreement

         DISPOSITION: Include under Related Initiatives; JB to
         write a description based on language in the introduction
         and include some kind of IANAL disclaimer.


   AS: Spent some time reading the ET.gov site and think that this
   is a real opportunity to engage U.S. government users.  We need
   better insight into what it means to be at Stage 2 and how to
   get this in front of interested agencies.  Will discuss with


   ACTION: JB to check with SW regarding X12 representation.

      Pending. (And add KS to the inquiry.)

   ACTION: JB to find appropriate "AS IS" "no endorsement" "no
   guarantee" "no support" boilerplate.

      Done (see ubl-ssc).

   ACTION: JB to add language to ubl-ssc noting that the materials
   linked from there are merely resources and that the TC is not
   available to help with deployment.


   TM: Note that Fremantle is not in the same time zone as
   Singapore this year.

   TM: Need to restart the customization work by reminding
   (informing?) MG and MC that they own the document in progress.

   JB: Will put on agendas for next week.

Jon Bosak

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