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Subject: Re: UBL 2.0 submission to UN/CEFACT Core component Library (withmissing attachment)

Sorry i forgot to attach the file.  here it is...

Tim McGrath wrote:
> Now that UBL 2.0 is finalized we plan to submit the UBL 2.0 Business 
> Information Entities to UN/CEFACT as part of our contribution to their 
> Core Component library.
> This  involves transcribing the UBL library onto the spreadsheeets 
> submission forms required by the TBG17 group within UN/CEFACT.
> Before we go too far down this path I would like to get a review of 
> the submission by the UBL TC.  This is because the submission requires 
> some interpretation of our library into CEFACT forms.  For example, I 
> propose that we submit our BIEs as both candidate BIE and candidate 
> Core Components.  To better understand the issues I have prepared a 
> draft of the submission using only the UBL 2.0 "Address". (attached)
> In this form you will note that for Candidate BIEs:
> a.  I have made the context of "System Constraint" to have the value 
> of "XML" - in that we are only proposing XML representations of these 
> objects.
> b. BBIEs with qualified Property Terms (such as AdditionalStreetName) 
> are derived from the unqualified Basic Core Component (such as 
> "StreetName").
> And for Candidate Core Components:
> a. No qualifiers are needed. (so not all candidate BIEs are candidate 
> CCs)
> b. I have noted the mapping of our candidates to the current CEFACT 
> Core Component Identifiers (where one exists).
> I welcome comments and advice (as well as volunteers to help) with 
> this task.
> The current plan is to have this submitted before the next CEFACT 
> Forum meeting at the end of March.

tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160
web: http://www.portcomm.com.au/tmcgrath


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