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Subject: Old Draft 2.0 Issues List

Unfortunately I have a conflict with tomorrow's conference call but I
wanted to send this information out for the issues list before tomorrow.

Here is the link to the old issues list.


The login is 'ubl' and the password is 'issues123'. The form to
add issues and the mechanism to create the XML is still available.

I think some of these issues have been resolved and we may want to
add information about resolution of the issue. There may also be
more information that needs to be added.  The good news is the data
is XML and we can enhance to the form to support the required
information.  I originally did this in HTML and PHP.  If I had time
it would be nice to redo it using XForms, but we have a working
format so it probably isn't worth the effort.


Betty Harvey                         | Phone: 410-787-9200 FAX: 9830
Electronic Commerce Connection, Inc. |
harvey@eccnet.com                    | Washington,DC XML Users Grp
URL:  http://www.eccnet.com          | http://www.eccnet.com/xmlug

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