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Subject: Re: [ubl] Groups - Updated Docbook and PDF Output (2007-04-11) (UBL-NDR-Docbook-2007-04-11.zip) uploaded

Hi Peter:

We are aware of the graphic problems.  The graphics in the distribution
are currently straight out of the Word conversion.  We may be able to
get better renditions of the graphics but I am not sure where the
original graphics are that were used to create the Word document.

If we get better graphics we can rerun the PDF.  If there are original
vector graphics from the original UML models that would great!


Betty Harvey                         | Phone: 410-787-9200 FAX: 9830
Electronic Commerce Connection, Inc. |
harvey@eccnet.com                    | Washington,DC XML Users Grp
URL:  http://www.eccnet.com          | http://www.eccnet.com/xmlug

> On 11 Apr 2007 13:49:59 -0000, harvey@eccnet.com <harvey@eccnet.com>
> wrote:
>> The document named Updated Docbook and PDF Output (2007-04-11)
>> (UBL-NDR-Docbook-2007-04-11.zip) has been submitted by Betty Harvey*
>> to the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC document repository.
> Hi,
> In this version (as in the previous) version, I found the critical
> graphs, describing
> the dependies between different elements (e.g. figure2-2.jpg and
> figure2-3.jpg)
> only as low quality jpeg images (e.g. 431x454 pixels for figure2-2.jpg).
> At least on my side, even when viewed on 100% (which is only part of a
> screen)
> or 200% or after printing to a decent printer, it remains very hard to
> read the
> text on the graphs (e.g. "Aggregate Business Information Entity").
> Is there a way I could get either a vector graph or a bitmap with a better
> resolution ? Maybe there is an SVG in the "source file" for this document
> ?
> Thanks,
> Peter Vandenabeele
> (recent OASIS individual member)
> --
> Peter Vandenabeele
> peter AT vandenabeele DOT com
> http://www.vandenabeele.com
> http://www.linkedin.com/in/petervandenabeele

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