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Subject: UBL 2.0 XPath files published with revised XPath file document model

With many thanks to Robin for helping me get this large file mounted, 
I've updated the UBL 2.0 XPath files.

Based on feedback, the UBL 2.0 XPath files have been published using 
an augmented document model that shrinks the size of the XPath files.

The current ZIP file is 294Mb, expanding to 7.3Gb when unzipped into 
the individual files:


The revised XPath document models are included in the ZIP above, as 
well as independently collected here as part of the HISC repository:


To summarize the role of these XPath files that were last published 
during the Committee Specification phase of UBL 2.0, the XPath file 
XML document model constructs describe the nesting of elements and 
attributes.  The UBL 2.0 XPath file XML instances enumerate all 
namespaces, elements and attributes found in each and every 
information item context for each of the 31 UBL document 
models.  Various text and instance reports are then produced from the 
XPath file XML instances.

These files are used in the HISC work on stylesheet development, and 
I have also used them in a project in Denmark to measure the 
conformance of candidate document models of UBL customizations to the 
published UBL models.  Through exhaustive enumeration of the nested 
elements and attributes of the putative customization, I was able to 
programmatically confirm the strict inclusion of the customization 
model in the published customized models.

This exhaustive enumeration is discussed in my latest paper on UBL 
customization I posted this afternoon:


Please let me know if you have any questions.

. . . . . . . . . . . Ken

p.s. Crane has published a revised XPath reporting application that 
takes advantage of the augmented XPath document model (please see the 
"Free resources" developer section of our web site linked below).

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