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Subject: Re: [ubl] PaymentTerms->Amount

Hello Peter,

I am dealing with this topic too,

as in Italy we have many different payment terms use cases.

Under a normal situation we could have something like this:


which means the payment is splitted into equal parts, the 1st to be payed
after 1 month, the 2nd aftr 2 months, so on...

But there are situation where payment is splitted with more complex rules:

- different periods
- different means of payment for each instalment
- different composition of instalments as percentages %
- special IVA/VAT payment terms
- handling of "End of Month, End of next Month" expiration terms.

Thus I think the Payment Term Amount is the explicit splitted part
according to the settlement period and its "description code" which should
clarify exactly that instalment.

Usually accounting systems generates the instalments into a Bill Book
(something to take care of payment due) from the payment terms.

But I think the explicit amount of the payment instalment is necessary as
not all accounting systems are able to understand automatically payment

Hope this helps

Best regards

Roberto Cisternino

> Dear all
> We have a discussed i NES the meaning of PaymentTerms->Amount. The
> difinition
> is "The payment amount for the Payment Terms.".
> 1) Is this the amount the payment terms applies to (e.g. for split
> payment)
> 2) or is it a fixed penalty amount?
> Arguments for number 1:
> *	Since there can be multible PaymentTerms an implicit rule can be
> given that the sum of PaymentTerms->Amount is equal
> LegalMonetaryTotal->PayableAmount.
> *	If Amount was meant to be PenaltyAmount if would have been named
> "PenaltySurchargeAmount" like PenaltyChageRate.
> Arguments for number 2
> *	PaymentDueDate is part of paymentMeans
> *	PaymentTerms->Amount is not part of UBL 1.0, but an new element
> Can anyone help me find out the original requirement for this? I would
> also
> like to have help with how to specify split payment in UBL + how to
> specify a
> fix penalty amount.
> Kind regards
> Peter

Roberto Cisternino

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