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Subject: OIOUBL addition to Support Page

Hello UBL TC,

As we will not be meeting next week, I'd like to get your approval
to add the following item to the UBL Support Page under the
heading "UBL 2.0 supporting materials produced by related 

   OIOUBL Implementation Guidelines

   OIOUBL is a UBL customization for specific Danish business
   requirements developed in coordination with other Nordic
   countries and the UK under a collaboration called the "Northern
   European Subset" (NES).  The 15 business documents included in
   OIOUBL constitute a subset of UBL 2.0 covering the supply chain
   business processes from sourcing to billing.  The support
   package referenced here comprises a series of guidelines for
   implementors of OIOUBL.  These include comprehensive
   explanations of business rules as well as examples of the use
   of the associated business documents. In addition, a series of
   guidelines describe the use of certain classes common to
   different types of business documents.  This package can be
   used as a template for producing other implementation

If you approve of this addition, do nothing.  If you object to
adding the item above to the UBL Support Page, please register
that objection by mail to this list no later than COB Wednesday 13
June 2007.

Jon Bosak

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