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Subject: Re: [ubl] Question on Submissions for UBL 2.1


| In a matter reminiscent of the 'uncertainty principle',
| is there a way to make a submission of a requirement
| without necessarily making public the details of the
| background to the requirement? In a 'hypothetical' use
| case which is valid but not well known. It might be that
| there is, hypothetically, a desire to keep details of the
| use of a document from being public. Is the very nature
| of UBL as an open standard such that this cannot be done
| as an official submission of a requirement without making
| the details public? Hypothetically of course :-)

Interesting question.  I think the answer is that you can submit a
requirement without providing the motivation for it but that you
can then expect the kind of attention that an unmotivated issue
would naturally receive, viz., none.

I'll put this on the agendas for this week's TC calls and see
whether anyone has another opinion.  If you want to explain this
further, dial in to the Atlantic call.


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