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Subject: Re: [ubl] Input into the versioning discussion

To all,

I have nothing to comment on technically on Ken's mail - I agree with all his 

A few comments follow.

> Thank you for chiming in on this, John.

You are welcome, if I can be helpful.  But I tried not to be disrutptive.

> At 2007-06-28 10:01 +0100, John Larmouth wrote:
> And a fun ride it is ... this is very timely and I'm looking forward to 
> any feedback you may have on the documents published by the TC in this 
> regard.

Will do my best, but I am contributing to, and also Editor of, *far* too many 
Standards - mainly in ISO Biometrics, ITU-T SG17 Recommendations, and IEC TC12 
(with ISO TC25) on Quantites and Units - SI-related stuff.

My CPU fan can't take the heat of being truly active again in UBL, at least for 
the present.

> Hopefully you might also consider participating in the 
> discussions and contributing to the documents.

Ha!  UBL *was* a main interest of mine a few years back (so I remained on the 
mailing list), but becoming really active again is very very iffy - sorry.

Sorry that this reply is a bit negative, but needs must.

John L

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