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Subject: UBL IDD files converted into genericode (with an analysis of errors)

I've just completed an experiment of converting UBL International 
Data Dictionary (IDD) localization spreadsheets into genericode 
files.  These genericode files can be used by XML-aware applications 
for user interface definitions or other language-specific purposes.

These files can be downloaded as a single resource from Crane's web 
site (linked below): go to the "Free resources" section linked from 
the right hand marginalia, go to the UBL page linked from section 1, 
then to the section titled "Report resources", to "Crane's UBL 2.0 
International Data Dictionary genericode files".

There is a directory for each language, and in that directory is a 
genericode file for each document model for that language.

There is also an aggregate directory, and in that directory is a 
genericode file for each document model with the aggregate 
information of all languages in one file.  The aggregate identifies 
columns specific to each language by adding the language indicator to 
the end of the fields that are not common.

In the creation of this resource I've noted the following 
typographical errors/differences in the ES and IT spreadsheets that I 
think should be addressed before we finalize their publication:

(1) - cell B1 in UBL-FreightInvoice-2.0-ES.xls reads "UBL Freight 
Invoice 2.0" and should be "UBL FreightInvoice 2.0"

(2) - cell B1 in UBL-PackingList-2.0-ES.xls reads "UBL Packing List 
2.0" and should be "UBL PackingList 2.0"

(3) - cell D101 (row 98) in UBL-CommonLibrary-2.0-IT.xls has 
"assiciation" instead of "association" (this might be a typo in the 
IDD template, I haven't checked, but it is correct in ES and should 
be fixed in IT and the template (if there))

It is my intention, after getting feedback from any interested 
parties who care to comment, to polish these genericode files up and 
keep them up to date with releases made by any UBL localization committee.

I hope this helps.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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