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Subject: October/November UBL TC calls

Hello UBL TC,

As you know, we are not meeting this first week of October, since
we always cancel meetings the week before and the week after a TC
face-to-face.  Due to a family vacation, I will also be
unavailable for TC calls the second and third weeks in October as

I've checked with the UBL editors, and it appears that we have no
urgent business requiring a meeting between now and then, so I'm
canceling the calls we would ordinarily hold on 10, 15|16, and 17
October.  We will hold one "work session" in the usual Pacific TC
time slot next week (8 October in the Western hemisphere and 9
October in the Eastern hemisphere) in order to touch base with
anyone who has something that won't wait another couple of weeks.
"Work session" means that it's not an official TC meeting and
therefore doesn't count in assessing voting membership.  As usual,
anyone on the TC is free to join the call, including people in the
U.S. who would ordinarily participate in the Atlantic call.

To sum up, then, our call schedule for October is as follows:

   Week of 10/01: No meetings
   Week of 10/08: Pacific call "work session"; no Atlantic call
   Week of 10/15: No meetings
   Week of 10/22: Regular schedule
   Week of 10/29: Regular schedule

We should be on our regular call schedule the entire month of
November, BUT note that call times will be shifting around as
various countries do or don't switch to or from daylight saving
time.  The U.S. goes off daylight time Sunday 4 November this
year, so beginning the week of 5 November, in keeping with
long-established practice, the Atlantic UBL TC call will shift
from a starting time of 15:00 UTC to a starting time of 16:00 UTC.
The effect of this, once everyone comes back into sync, is to
start the Atlantic call at the same apparent time that it starts
during the summer in the U.S. and Europe.  There's no guarantee,
however, that the sync point will be the same for everyone in the
Northern hemisphere, so be sure to check the worldclock URL
provided in each week's agenda for the right time in your locale.
The Pacific call will start at the same time that it always does
(00:30 UTC), but for callers in the U.S., the time will appear to
shift back an hour after 4 November.

Confused?  Me too.  If it helps, here are the worldclock URLs for
meetings through the end of November:


It might be a good idea to take a look at these to see what the
times are going to be wherever you're calling from.  And if anyone
catches an error, please let me know....


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