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Subject: Re: General Notes from UBL TC Meeting, Stockholm 2007-09-24 (OpeningPlenary) - update

Please note that Tony Coates was also present at the opening plenary.

Tim McGrath wrote:
> General Notes from UBL TC Meeting, Stockholm 2007-09-24
> Participants
> Tim McGrath
> G Ken Holman
> Martin Forsberg
> Peter Borresen
> Mavis Cournane
> Andy Schoka
> Sunghyuk Kim
> Ole Madsen
> Michael Grimley
> Thomas Lyons
> Örn S. Kaldalóns
> Agenda
> Report from Vice-chair
> ------------------------
> Thank UN/CEFACT Forum for arranging the facilities.
> Major objectives are to forward the work on customization and to 
> progress the collaboration with UN/CEFACT.
> Report from HISC (By Ken Holman)
> ------------------------
> Few volunteers for the moment. Ken is asking for assistance. There 
> will be UBL2 Invoice Style sheet available this week. The SC is 
> planning to priority the development of the same documents that exist 
> in UBL1. Denmark has several style sheets that can be used as starting 
> point.
> KH needs input on what part of UBL to map to UN Layout Key.
> Report from SBSC (By Ken Holman)
> ------------------------
> PSC and TSC have been asked to review SBS, but nothing has yet been 
> reported back to SBSC.
> Report from TSC (By Andy Schoka)
> ------------------------
> Andy Schoka is acting chair after Kama. TSC is working on liaise and 
> cooperate with governments and companies to gather requirements and to 
> test UBL in real-world scenarios.
> UBL BITS (UBL Basic International Trade Process) describes an 
> end-to-end process with sample data. The work is in progress.
> Based on the work, new requirements have been identified that should 
> be added/corrected in a new version. TSC is working with Danish Post 
> and Parcel & Pallets to examine the customization process.
> TSC is also working with Dansk Standard and is reviewing US DOT’s CEFM 
> test and use of status message.
> Report from PSC (Peter Borresen)
> ------------------------
> Peter is acting chair after Mark Leitch.
> PSC has a dialog with OASIS Tax XML regarding tax and customs related 
> question.
> PSC is intending to have phone conferences once a month or so. Lots of 
> work will be done under the CEN workshop BII and the result from the 
> workshop will be feed back to PSC.
> Report from CEN/BII WS
> ------------------------
> BII stands for “Business Interoperability Interface on Public 
> Procurement in Europe” and is a CEN (European Committee for 
> Standardization) workshop. A CEN workshop can be compared with a project.
> NES (Northern European Subset of UBL) and CODICE (E-tendering from 
> Spain) is submitted as input to BII.
> The result from BII will (among other things) be profiles/customized 
> UBL documents that can be used in the CIP i2010 roadmap pilot projects.
> CEN/BII has four working groups
> 1. Message content and business processes
> 2. UBL – UN/CEFACT convergence
> 3. Toolbox
> 4. Pilot support
> For more details, look here: http://www.en.ds.dk/bii and 
> http://www.cen.eu/cenorm/businessdomains/businessdomains/isss/activity/ws_bii.asp 
> Report from NES (Peter Borresen)
> ------------------------
> During the start up of the BII WS, NES will be further refined and 
> developed to not loose time.
> Iceland is in production with NES and is currently adapting internal 
> processes.
> Report from Danish localization SC (Peter Borresen)
> ------------------------
> Translation should be finalized in the end of 207
> Denmark will update the legislation to force the public sector to 
> accept UBL2. In 2010 the old OIOXML (UBL 0.7) will not be allowed to use.
> Report from Korean localization SC (Kim)
> ------------------------
> The SC is working with funding for the translation of UBL but hopes 
> that the translation will be finalized in the beginning of next year.
> Ken Holman has a tool to generate multilingual documentation read 
> more: www.cranesoftware.com --> free resources
> Update package and UBL 2.1 release (Tim McGrath)
> ------------------------
> There are two major types of changes – the editorial corrections in 
> documentation, not affecting the schemas (in any other way than 
> annotation), the other type will require update of schemas (extensions 
> to UBL2).
> Some time during 2008 an update package will be delivered.
> UN/CEFACT relationship (Tim McGrath)
> ------------------------
> Refer to "Status of Collaboration with UN/CEFACT" slides 
> (http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ubl/download.php/25562/Status%20of%20Collaborationversion2.ppt) 
> - ref: Para 2C of cooperation agreement
> - five points were outlined, two related to UBL
> - agreements are between OASIS (not UBL TC) and UN/CEFACT
> - TC has no authority to represent UBL, OASIS does
> - the perception of "need something now, use UBL" is not well received 
> within UN/CEFACT
> - comment on interpretation of "compatibility" w.r.t. customization 
> definitions of conformance and compatibility
> - UN/CEFACT doesn't work with a concept of minor versions
> - Q: what is the UN/CEFACT perspective of UBL traction? Unknown.
> - no clear vision in UN/CEFACT of a solution for contextualization, so 
> each group is doing their own
> - tempted not to express anything that promotes UBL as such activity 
> is not well received within UN/CEFACT
> - three-year sunset clause in March 2006 Vancouver agreement
> - likelihood UN/CEFACT will not be ready
> - probably due to the approach taken by UN/CEFACT creates documents in 
> isolation and out of synchronization between groups e.g. 
> Cross-industry Invoice released 3 months ago is based on a different 
> library than the Cross-Industry Order released 3 months from now
> - we wouldn't necessarily exercise the cancellation of the agreement 
> but OASIS would reserve the ability to cancel any time after if OASIS 
> perceives the need to move more quickly than what appears to be coming 
> from UN/CEFACT

tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160
web: http://www.portcomm.com.au/tmcgrath

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