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Subject: Creation of the UBL-TBG17 Task Force

Hello UBL TC,

This piece of administrivia is to formally create a task force
empowered to work with UN/CEFACT TBG17 toward the eventual goal of
semantically aligning UBL with the TBG17 core component library
and vice-versa.  (I was given the task of sending this out over a
week ago, but then realized that we hadn't settled on a name yet.)

Pending your approval, the UBL-TBG17 Task Force will consist of
the following members of the UBL TC:

   Martin Forsberg
   Kim, Sun Hyuk
   Tommy Lyons
   Tim McGrath
   Andy Schoka

Tim McGrath (UBL TC vice chair) will serve as team lead.

If this proposal meets with your approval, do nothing.  If you
object to the formation of the task force as described, file that
objection by sending mail to this list no later than COB Friday 9
November 2007.

Jon Bosak

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