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Subject: A discussion topic for Manhattan - modelling UBLExtensions

Hi folks!

I just remembered one topic I would like to bring up for discussion 
in Manhattan regarding UBL 2.0 Update is that the documentation of 
the <UBLExtensions> element was treated in UBL 2.0 solely as a 
document-model-expression modification/adaptation.

In the process of re-issuing the spreadsheets in UBL 2.0 Update with 
repairs for the descriptions and other spreadsheet columns, I would 
like us to consider repairing the spreadsheets with the addition of a 
row representing the <UBLExtensions> element in each of the maindoc/ 
document spreadsheets, thus treating this element as a first-class 
construct in the model.

This begs, then, how we should document the descendants of 
<UBLExtensions> also as first-class objects.  For example I'm not 
convinced they should be included as part of the Common 
Library.  Rather they could be treated as a customized spreadsheet 
along the lines of the separate spreadsheet for qDT that has a 
different selection of columns that than for the elements.

This is not a normative change, as the schemas are not impacted by 
this one iota.  My higher-priority intent is to reflect the normative 
<UBLExtensions> element found in the schemas in the 31 document model 
spreadsheets where it is used.  Of lesser priority to me, documenting 
all descendent elements in a similar fashion would help implementers.

I acknowledge it may be far too late for considering this as part of 
UBL 2.0 Update, but I didn't want the subject to be lost again to my memory.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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