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Subject: Quote: Fujitsu Simens is UBL ready

Title: Quote: Fujitsu Simens is UBL ready

Dear all

Here is a quote from Fujitsu Simens that has implemented an UBL-ready system for a big Danish municipality. I hope you all had a good meeting in Manhatten.

Kind regards


"Fujitsu Services is a major supplier of IT-services for the Public Sector in Denmark, and we are aware of the Government commitment to streamlining Public service and administration. Fujitsu wants to support this process, offering our customers services and solutions with high ROI and low TCO. All major government organizations central and local will demand solutions to work in a service-oriented architecture, supporting openness, interoperability etc., and a primary condition for this is open data standards.

The Danish National IT and Telecom Agency takes great initiatives in this area, and the OIO “umbrella” covers for instance OIOUBL and OIOSI, which has enabled Fujitsu to offer a standardized e-procurement solution Prisme. The solution “talks” directly with all vendors, who adopts these standards in their trading documents and communication, whatever ERP-system, they may be using.

Despite the limited market, open standards has enabled Fujitsu to develop and the Public Sector to buy cost effective solutions, streamlining the daily business. Fujitsu loves open standards!

Hans Iakob Estrup
Managing Director
Fujitsu Services

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