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Subject: UBL TC Plenary Meeting - 14-18 April Bologna

for those still searching for an accomodation in Bologna please find the 
following opportunity:

Hotel Information:

Online bookings:

NOTE: There are still 6 rooms for 2 people      (204 Euro)
            If one of these rooms is booked by a single the price is 180 

NOTE 2 : There is the possibility to obtain a lower price for groups, 
but we need to ask an offer immediately as Bologna has a lot of visitors 
all the year.

The Hotel Nettuno is 7 Km far from the Railways Station of 
CastelMaggiore from which Bologna centre can be reached within 12 minutes.
The Hotel has 2 car that could be useful to reach the station if cheaper 
than a taxi.

I also have my own car, thus 2-3 people will be welcome to come onboard 
to reach the ENEA centre (and the station for others).

Please contact me ASAP with the precise number of people (couples, 
singles) and the number of days (14-18 or more)

Best Regards,


P.S. For any additional help to attent the meeting in Bologna please 
contact me by mail or telephone.


UBL ITLSC co-chair
Roberto Cisternino

+39 0187 511525  Home
+39 328 2148123  Mobile

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