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Subject: Re: [ubl] Definitions of the Name element


| >    BillOfLading: The business name given to the document type.
| Here the reason a Bill of Lading can effectively act differently
| (legally) and called for example "Sea WayBill".

Aha.  So here we have another doctype-specific definition.

In the JPLSC comments we worked through in concalls last November,
our conclusion on JPLSC item 23 was recorded as:

   23. Agree with the change suggested by JPLSC.  In addition,
       however, we note that there are errors in columns R and S
       from row 8 downward; compare ForwardingInstructions.

"The change suggested by JPLSC" was:

| The definition says 'The business name given to the document
| type.'.
| This should  be 'Name of a Bill Of Lading.'
| Reason: Make simillar to the other Definition like the Name of
| Forwarding Instructions.

We agreed to this change, but from what Roberto has said above,
the definition of Name in BillOfLading is correct as is: "The
business name given to the document type."  (And the example he
gives should go into the spreadsheet as an example, I think, along
with "House Bill", "Consolidated Bill of Lading", and "Proforma",
which are currently in the wrong cell, but that's about to be

Is this true of any of the other doctypes (aside from Catalogue)
that have Name as an element -- that they are not simply "The name
given to a particular instance of the document type"?


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