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Subject: Re: [ubl] Commodity code (was: Re: [ubl] Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 5|6 May 2008)

I add some info below,

> [roberto@javest.com:]
> | -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> | 2. Commodity Code (also known as "Harmonized Code" and "Combined
> | Nomenclature")
> | -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> | cac:CommodityClassification/cbc:CommodityCode
> |
> | Product "Combined Nomenclature" (CN 2008)
> |
> | Code List description and Responsible Agency:
> |
> http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/ramon/nomenclatures/index.cfm?TargetUrl=DSP_GEN_DESC_VIEW_NOHDR&StrNom=CN_2008&StrLanguageCode=EN
> |
> | Code List formats (HTML, CSV, XML, MDB, XLS):
> |
> http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/ramon/nomenclatures/index.cfm?TargetUrl=LST_CLS_DLD&StrNom=CN_2008&StrLanguageCode=EN&StrLayoutCode=HIERARCHIC
> |
> | Sample Code List (HTML):
> |
> http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/ramon/nomenclatures/index.cfm?TargetUrl=ACT_OTH_DFLT_LAYOUT&StrNom=CN_2008&StrLanguageCode=EN
> |
> | I really think we can publish this code list. Inside the description
> there
> | is the email contact of the responsible agency.
> | This codelist is well known in the cross-border trade, is multilingual
> and
> | updated yearly.
> Based on a cursory view of these materials, I suspect that we
> could legally publish a genericode version as part of UBL 2.1.
> But there could be implementation problems related to the
> hierarchical nature of the commodity taxonomy; this is a big and
> complicated set of classifications.  The fact that the list changes
> yearly could also present some problems.
> Jon

The hierarchy is important to group commodities, but it is fully listed to
let the user select a commodity in a very precise way or more generally
through its upper group.

When used within customs declarations the commodity can be sometime
described in a general way or there could be the case that the commodity
is not precisely classified (a new one), this way the user can just
specify the upper group of commodities.

In few words all the hierachy could be selectable, not only the leaves.

The taxonomy change every year, mainly to include new commodities and
rarely to add a new group.
The code list version MUST be specified when a value is used (NC 2008)

Moreover this codelist is used on the DAU/SAD Customs Declaration used in
Europe (Single Administrative Document) and into many other shipping
documents like the vessel manifest and transport documents.

> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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