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Subject: Re: [ubl] Revised UBL 2.0 Update Package

Hello UBL TC,

The Update Package posted 12 May has been further revised to
correct an error in the PortCode derivative genericode files (they
all pointed in their metadata to the main PortCode file rather
than to each individual derivative file).  The revised version is
now available at


The editors of the Update Package consider this change to be
technically nonsubstantive, like all changes effected by the
application of the Update Package.  In this case, the corrected
files are all new to the Update Package (provided as a convenience
to the user who does not want to use the entire 47 MB
PortCode-2.0.gc file) and were never part of the original UBL 2.0
release to begin with.

If no one has further corrections to make, I intend to put this to
you for a vote on Monday.


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