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Subject: Fwd: Info about Fremantle

Information for our next UBL TC meeting.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Info about Fremantle
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2008 00:30:37 +0800
From: Tim McGrath <tim.mcgrath@documentengineeringservices.com>
Organization: Document Engineering Services Ltd.
To: Jon Bosak <bosak@ibiblio.org>

The next UBL Plenary meeting will be held in Fremantle, Western
Australia and will be hosted by Document Engineering Services.  We would
like to invite you all to attend and take this opportunity to experience
something of Australia. To help in planning we have put some information
together.  More details will follow nearer to the event.

The dates:
January 19 - 22 2009
(Note: January 23rd will be a public open day and we would like you to
stay and possibly make a presentation at this event)

The venue:
Fremantle Arts Centre: (http://www.fac.org.au/)
Fremantle Arts Centre is a complex of magnificent neo-Gothic buildings
surrounded by a series of courtyards, lawns and gardens dating back to
the 1860s. The site is steeped in history and atmosphere and guarantees
visitors a unique experience.

The location:

Fremantle is 25 Kms southeast of, and also the harbour for, the city of
Perth.  Perth is the most isolated city in the world
(http://www.freofocus.com/main/html/about_where.cfm).  Fremantle is
served by Perth International airport (about 45 Kms).
Australia is a large country (the size of the continental United
States). So allow extra days in your trip if you wish to travel outside
the city area (and this is highly recommended).  For more motivation see
For Fremantle, the local council run a useful web site
(http://www.freofocus.com/main/html/default.cfm).  They also offer a
free bus service that stops right outside the Arts Centre
(http://www.freofocus.com/gettingaround/html/cat_bus.cfm) every 10 minutes.

There are a range of types of accommodation available in Fremantle and
many within easy walk of the venue.  Check out the services at
http://www.freofocus.com/dbtext/html/accommodation.asp and
NB. Self catering or B&B are a good option.  We have no special
arrangements but we can try and help out with specific requirements.

The climate:
Fremantle has a maritime mediterranean climate and this is the middle of
Summer. January averages a maximum daily temperature of 30'C and can
reach 40'C plus.

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