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Subject: Re: IDD changes (was: Re: [ubl] UBL 2.0 IDD -- approval of candidate PRD)

At 2008-10-24 08:16 -0400, Jon Bosak wrote:
>G. Ken Holman wrote:
>| Should we have "update" somewhere in the labelling of the files?
>I don't think so.  This is the first release of the UBL 2.0 IDD;
>it doesn't update anything.

Agreed, though I've been using "2.0 Update IDD", not "2.0 IDD Update".

These are translations of the definitions in the UBL 2.0 Update 
package and not of the definitions in the UBL 2.0 package.  My 
perspective was that of an outsider seeing:  UBL 2.0, UBL 2.0 IDD, 
UBL 2.0 Update ... would they think the IDD is out of date?

Wouldn't it be more reflective if what they saw was:  UBL 2.0, UBL 
2.0 Update, UBL 2.O Update IDD?

. . . . . . . . . Ken

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