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Subject: RE: [ubl] XML-in-Practice 2008 presentation uploaded to ubl.xml.org

Hello Tony,

Thanks for posting these interesting slides. I just uploaded a proposed
specification for "Agreement Formation Description Documents" to the OASIS
ebXML CPPA TC repository, which may be of interest to this audience too.  It
describes a simple XML language to customize XML-based agreement documents.
While this draft specification is developed within the ebXML CPPA TC, the
idea of customization via constrained transformation is not ebXML-specific.
The only constraint is that agreement documents are XML documents, so XSD,
WSDL, CPA etc. are all potentially covered for customization.  Appendix B
describes an implementation based on XSLT and appendix C provides an example
of a simple NES UBL "restriction".


A predecessor of AFDD has been in production use in the last 18 months in a
large scale messaging system. 

Kind regards,

Pim van der Eijk

-----Original Message-----
From: Anthony B. Coates (DES)
Sent: 17 December 2008 22:38
To: ubl@lists.oasis-open.org; ubl-dev@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ubl] XML-in-Practice 2008 presentation uploaded to ubl.xml.org

I have uploaded my XML-in-Practice 2008 presentation on "Managing
Customizations of UBL" to the ubl.xml.org site.  See:


Questions and comments welcome.

Cheers, Tony.
Anthony B. Coates
Associate Director
Document Engineering Services (Limited)
UK: +44 (20) 8816 7700, US: +1 (239) 344 7700
Mobile/Cell: +44 (79) 0543 9026
Skype: abcoates

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