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Subject: Re: [ubl] Possible issues for 2.1 issue list regarding code lists

I totally agree with Ken in the fact that decoupling code list  
conformance from schema conformance is the way to go in UBL 2.1.

Regards, Oriol

El 03/01/2009, a las 21:13, G. Ken Holman escribió:

> Sorry for the bandwidth, but I just found where the MIME type code  
> list is used: as a supplementary component for the BBIE  
> EmbeddedDocumentBinaryObject in the ABIE Attachment.
> When I didn't see it in qualified data types, I thought it was  
> incorrect, but since this is a supplementary component (as an  
> attribute) and not a code list value (as an element), I see now it  
> doesn't need a qualified data type.  I see there are BBIE elements  
> for most of the qualified data types.
> Note that while we did define a qualified data type for container  
> size, we never use it in a BBIE ... we use the generic "Code. Type"  
> for the BBIE SizeTypeCode in the ABIE TransportEquipment and we  
> only recommend the use of container size type code.
> I also cannot quickly find where we recommend the use of PortCode  
> or where users might want to use it, yet we define a qualified data  
> type for it.
> But I'm still thinking for UBL 2.1 we should consider not having  
> qualified data types in order to formally decouple code list  
> conformance from the schema conformance.
> Thanks for your patience with my questions.
> . . . . . . . . . Ken
> At 2009-01-03 14:38 -0500, I wrote:
>> Hi folks, and happy new year!
>> I've been working on my UBL training material and I found  
>> something asymmetric that led to something that might need  
>> addressing in UBL 2.1.
>> I note there is an entry in the qualified data types model and XSD  
>> fragment for both the UN/CEFACT supplementary component defined  
>> lists for currency codes and the unit of measure codes, but there  
>> is no such entry for the binary object MIME codes.  That led me to  
>> find where we use MIME codes.
>> Looking through the UBL entities Attachment and ExternalReference  
>> I do not see where one would specify the MIME type for a given  
>> attachment.  This is probably why we don't need a qualified data  
>> type.
>> Does this mean we need issues filed for 2.1 to:
>>   1) - add an optional BBIE of a coded item for the MIME type of  
>> an attachment
>>        or external reference
>>   2) - add a qualified data type for the MIME type code list to  
>> support this
>> I'm also questioning our need in 2.1 for qualified data types for  
>> code lists since the 2.0 qDT module spreadsheet specifies actual  
>> lists by their identifier, yet we are talking about totally  
>> decoupling code lists from UBL for conformance specification.
>> Our users will determine which set of code lists to conform to  
>> while conforming their structures to UBL 2.1, so I don't think we  
>> need to qualify anything about code lists in our 2.1 data types.
>> I believe removing the qualified data types from 2.1 would still  
>> allow 2.0 instances to conform.  This would also remove item (2)  
>> above.
>> Does this make sense, or am I missing something?
>> Thanks!
>> . . . . . . . . . .  Ken
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