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Subject: Forming the UBL Schema Generation Task Group

Hello UBL TC,

As we begin to gear up for our 2009 work schedule (a preliminary
version of which was posted on this list 11 February), it's time
to put in place the team that will be responsible for creating UBL
2.1 schemas.  You will recall that our plan of record is to use
UBLer for this work.  Other teams coordinated through the UBL
Procurement and Transportation subcommittees will be responsible
for data modeling and harmonization.

I am pleased to inform you that Oriol Bausą has agreed to
lead the schema generation team, and G. Ken Holman has volunteered
to assist.  Ken has already begun work on the creation of a
codelist-free UDT to replace the one used in UBL 2.0.  As usual,
other TC members are invited to participate as well.

To formally constitute the team, I hereby submit to our voting
members (meaning the people who regularly participate in TC
meetings) the following resolution:

    Resolved, that the UBL TC create the UBL Schema Generation Task
    Group with Oriol Bausą as lead and other TC members, including
    G. Ken Holman, as participants.  The purpose of the SGTG is to
    create the schema modules for UBL 2.1 together with whatever
    additional artefacts are required to accomplish this goal.  The
    SGTG shall also be authorized to coordinate with persons
    outside the TC who may wish to comment on the work or help with
    Q/A by generating parallel artefacts for comparison with those
    generated by the group.  UBL TC members wishing to participate
    in the work of the SGTG shall be added to the team upon
    notification of the team lead (oriol @ invinet . org).

If you have no objection to adoption of the resolution, do
nothing.  If you are a voting member and object to adoption of the
resolution, signify your objection via mail to this list no later
than COB Monday 2 March 2009.

(As long-time members of the TC know, we don't bother to update
the list of voting members on the TC site unless we're about to
begin a vote requiring use of the kavi interface.  OASIS rules
regarding voting membership can create some interesting edge
cases, but it can be said with certainty that if you have missed
the last two weeks of TC meetings, you are not currently a voting
member under terms of the OASIS TC Process.  If you are in doubt
about your voting status, please contact me off the list and I
will sort it out for you.)

Jon Bosak

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