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Subject: Current UBL TC voting membership

As regular participants know, we don't bother to determine who the
voting members of the TC are under the OASIS TC Process unless
something is up for a vote.  In preparation for the default letter
ballot on IDD Vol. 1 PRD2 that I just sent out, I have reviewed
attendance and determined that the following people are at this
moment voting members of the UBL TC (the list changes from week to

    Jon Bosak (chair)
    Tony Coates
    Mike Grimley
    Anne Hendry
    G. Ken Holman
    Zarella Rendon
    Andy Schoka

Since the IDD vote is by default ballot, no one has to do anything
to approve it (they just have to send mail to the list if they do
*not* approve it), so no action is required here; I just thought
you'd like to know.

If anyone thinks I got this wrong, please notify me ASAP.


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