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Subject: Currency Codes - ISO 4217: TRY vs. TRL

Dear all,

Together with Revenue Administration of Turkey, we develop the UBL 2.0 based eInvoice schemas for Turkey. Details are available at the following URLs:


The code for our currency "Turkish Lira"  changed at the beginning of this year and it becomes "TRY". This change has been reflected to ISO 4217 currency codes (http://www.iso.org/iso/support/currency_codes_list-1.htm); however, the UBL 2.0's "CodeList_CurrencyCode_ISO_7_04.xsd" document still contains the old version of the code (i.e. "TRL"). 

When does UBL community will reflect this change to the schemas? If this change will not happen soon, for the time being, shall we update the "CodeList_CurrencyCode_ISO_7_04.xsd" in our implementation? (i.e. replace TRL with TRY). 

Thank you and best regards,


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