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Subject: Wiki page for UBL 2.0 NDR Implementation Guide

This message is for TC members who have been discussing the
creation of a guide for non-UBL users of the UBL 2.0 Naming and
Design Rules.

Regarding the request to create a wiki page for this project, see:


The page should be editable by any UBL TC member (you have to log
in first), but of course I'm expecting it to be used by the people
in the Atlantic calls who have been discussing this.  To get
started, see


Note that you have to learn a new syntax to format anything;
apparently HTML wasn't good enough.


The first step (I think) is to start listing the NDRs for which
exceptions need to be made (for non-UBL users) or further
explanation needs to be provided.  I'm expecting this to come
primarily from the NIST project and DoN experience.  We can
discuss this further in the next Atlantic UBL TC call, but I don't
think we need to wait for that if people want to get started.


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