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Subject: Re: SV: [ubl] More input regarding removing code lists from schemas

At 2009-06-25 22:04 +0200, Martin Forsberg wrote:
>I'm not sure the difference in time comes (directly) from different 
>code list validation methods. The big different is probably that CII 
>is using a library of reusable types that are stored on the 
>unece.org-servers and with absolute paths for the imports. The 
>latest version of the library-schema is 5.4 mb so the 70 secs are 
>most likely downloading time.

Very good point ... I was given a ZIP package for disk use and I 
improperly did not inspect the package for the import statements.  Mea culpa!

So I've looked at the schema fragments at:


... and I see a duplicate link.  The documented 
UNECE_PaymentMeansCode_D08A.xsd is a link to 
UNECE_PaymentGuaranteeMeansCode_D08A.xsd so I am getting 
conflicts.  I actually found the file by hacking my own URL rather 
than using the link.

Much more meaningful results, Martin, thank you ... now the 
difference is only a factor of two:

   Schema checking successful. Time: 3064 milliseconds
   Processing file:/T:/ciilocal2/test.xml

   Schema checking successful. Time: 1432 milliseconds
   Processing file:/U:/cd/artefacts/os-UBL-2.0/xml/UBL-Invoice-2.0-Example.xml
   Tree built in 20 milliseconds
   Execution time: 90 milliseconds

>To make an isolated comparison of code list validation, I would use 
>some sort of caching.

Indeed ... I shall report my findings accordingly.

But again, as I said before these are not scientific tests (though 
Saxon does report timing without consideration for initialization and 
loading of the Java code, just the execution times).  It would be 
important for third parties to look at such issues.  This was just a 
hasty sidebar from some issues Roberto and I were discussing.

Thank you again for bringing to light the faults in the original comparisons.

. . . . . . . . Ken

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