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Subject: Re: [ubl] Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 30 September 2009

Hello Stephen,

Fulya has already answered this WRT the online tool.  As the
"packager," I'll just add that this is one of an unlimited number
of possible Q/C issues that is addressed by comparing schemas
generated by two separate and independent processes -- which is
why I prefer to keep them both going if possible and am thankful
to Oriol and Ken for their work in maintaining the alternate.


Stephen Green wrote:
> Just a question about the online tool:
> Does it protect the content so that nobody
> can alter it except those who created it (PSC, etc)?
> Though convenient, it seems so accessible,
> I do worry that be merely navigating around and
> maybe making a mistake with some private
> editing it could be possible to overwrite something
> just prior to the official schema generation.
> Plus it might be good to demonstrate that such
> things cannot have affected the intergrity of the
> model prior to the official artefact creation (in
> addition to any checking of the artefacts of course).
> ---
> Stephen D Green

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