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Subject: Seasonal time changes coming for UBL TC calls

Hello UBL TC,

It's that time of year again when all our meeting schedules go
kerwhacko because of uncoordinated Daylight Saving Time

Next week's Pacific and Atlantic TC calls will take place at the
usual times (UTC), but callers in (most of) Europe will be calling
in an hour earlier, because their countries end DST this weekend.
So if you're calling from Europe next week and no one's in the
meeting, you're probably an hour late.

The U.S. goes off DST the weekend after that, and....  Oh, let's
not talk about that right now.  Just be aware that you *must*
check the timeanddate URL at the top of every meeting agenda for
the next couple of weeks if you want to find someone on the other
end of the line.


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