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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Please provide input into this UN/CEFACT survey ofstandards for eBusiness, Government and Trade.

I would like to thank the UBL community for its input into this process 
so far.  There are still 2 weeks left if you have not completed the 
survey, so  please take a few moments now and help save the world!

Tim McGrath wrote:
> For several years the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and 
> Electronic Business (CEFACT) has been developing a set of electronic 
> standards for international trade data. Progress has been slower than 
> had been hoped for, and CEFACT is currently reassessing stakeholder 
> needs and priorities to ensure that its work is addressing the most 
> urgent requirements. The UN/CEFACT project teams responsible are 
> consulting those already involved in CEFACT’s work as well as a 
> selection of stakeholders that are not, in order to submit a report to 
> CEFACT by the end of February 2010. They would be grateful if you 
> would complete this online survey by 23 January 2010 at the latest.
> There is a long standing collaboration to ensure that UBL version 2 
> converges with effective future standards from UN/CEFACT. This survey 
> is an important means to promote these requirements and ensure the 
> convergence moves in the right direction - a situation we would all 
> benefit from. Therefore I encourage you all to have your say now. 
> Consider it your task for the festive season!
> The survey is available at:
> http://ebgtgapanalysis.limequery.org/index.php?sid=78745&lang=en
> If you have any question please contact me directly.
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