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Subject: UBL Guidelines and 2.0 NDR Committee Specifications

Hello UBL community,

Two important UBL deliverables achieved CS (Committee
Specification) status recently.  They are:

UBL 2 Guidelines for Customization, First Edition

    This document provides practical guidance in creating
    UBL-conformant and UBL-compatible document schemas.  Its
    intended audience is everyone who needs to modify or add to UBL
    schemas to fit them to a particular purpose.

UBL 2.0 Naming and Design Rules

    This specification conveys a normative set of XML schema design
    rules and naming conventions for the creation of UBL 2.0
    schemas for business documents being exchanged between two
    parties using XML constructs defined in accordance with the
    ebXML Core Components Technical Specification.

    The primary audience for this specification was the UBL
    Technical Committee, which used the rules to create the UBL 2.0
    schemas for business transactions. Other XML schema developers
    may find these rules sufficiently useful to merit consideration
    for adoption as, or infusion into, their own approaches to XML
    schema development.

OASIS Committee Specifications represent the final stage of
documents produced by OASIS technical committees.  Some Committee
Specifications (such as UBL itself) are subsequently put through
the OASIS standardization approval process; the two listed above
are not intended to be among them.

Jon Bosak

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