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Subject: SV: Meeting to discuss UBL code list categorization

Hi Jon

Tony, Martin and I (sorry Oriol, that I didn't invited you) had a short
meeting where we agreed on the following:

1) In the UBL 2.1 UDTs are separated from the code lists, so compliance are
no longer bound to code lists.
2) For the TC perspective there are only two kind of code lists: Those we
recommend for usage, and those we don't know of or are agreed on a different
level, including bilateral agreements.
3) For all code values the TC will try to provide value examples to give the
user an idea of what is meant for this element.

Best regards


-----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
Fra: Jon Bosak [mailto:bosak@pinax.com] 
Sendt: 28. april 2010 22:23
Til: Peter L. Borresen; Anthony B. Coates (Londata); G. Ken Holman; Oriol
Emne: Meeting to discuss UBL code list categorization

 From today's Atlantic TC minutes:

| ACTION (4/7): PLB, GKH, TonyC, Oriol to discuss code list
| categorization.
|    JB: If any changes are to be made to code list
|    categorization, they will have to be made before we begin to
|    assemble the PRD1 package, and the suggestion for any such
|    changes will have to include clear descriptions of the new
|    categories.
|       AGREED to attempt a meeting of this group during next
|       week's Atlantic UBL TC call slot (no TC meeting that
|       day).
|       ACTION: JB to send a meeting note to the four people
|       appointed to consider this.

Ken may not be able to make this meeting, so you folks may have to
arrange another time.

Personally, I could live forever without revisiting this issue, so
please don't feel that I'm pressuring you to deliver a solution!
I'm willing to consider a modification to the present structure,
but only if this group can present a really compelling rationale
for it.  I am *not* going to be willing to consider any changes
after we begin to assemble PRD1.


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