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Subject: Re: [ubl] Consistency in code type name property primary noun

At 2010-05-20 08:51 +0200, Tim McGrath wrote:
>so we should be reporting as an error all rows of Data Type "Code. 
>Type" where the Property Term Primary Noun /does not contain "Code" 
>as the last term/, so they can be repaired to be consistent.

16 of these are found in UBL 2.1 ... none of these are found in UBL 2.0.

Bad code type property terms: 16
  "Consignment. Shipping Priority Level. Code"
  "Contracting Party. Activity. Code"
  "Evaluation Criteria. Expression. Code"
  "Event. Type. Code"
  "Guarantee Certificate. Constitution. Code"
  "Guarantee Certificate. Guarantee Type. Code"
  "Item Property Group. Importance. Code"
  "Item Property. Importance. Code"
  "Item Property. Name. Code"
  "Process Justification. Previous_ Cancellation Reason. Code"
  "Process Justification. Reason. Code"
  "Procurement Project. Sub_ Type. Code"
  "Procurement Project. Type. Code"
  "Tender Result. Result. Code"
  "Tendering Terms. Payment Frequency. Code"
  "Transport Execution Status. Operation Status. Code"

>The distinction between PropertyTermPossessiveNoun and 
>PropertyTermPrimaryNoun is subtle and grammatical and not necessary 
>for CCTS - so we can be lax on if some entries have confused the two.

But, thankfully, with any qualification, they suffice to well 
describe the BIE when they stand alone as the Property Term (per 
11179-5 Annex A).

>The important thing is that the combination 
>of  PropertyTermPossessiveNoun and PropertyTermPrimaryNoun (that 
>makes the entire PropertyTerm)  is globally unique in the UBL library.

Because of the context of the object class and the Property Term 
Qualifier, I think we need to check that the combination of Object 
Class, Property Term Qualifier and Property Term is globally unique.

8 such duplications are found in UBL 2.1 ... none of these are found 
in UBL 2.0.

Duplicated class/qualifier/property terms: 8
  "Awarding Criteria//Maximum" (2)
    Awarding Criteria. Maximum. Quantity
    Awarding Criteria. Maximum. Amount
  "Awarding Criteria//Minimum" (2)
    Awarding Criteria. Minimum. Quantity
    Awarding Criteria. Minimum. Amount
  "Awarding Criteria//Weight" (2)
    Awarding Criteria. Weight. Numeric
    Awarding Criteria. Weight. Text
  "Capability//Value" (2)
    Capability. Value. Amount
    Capability. Value. Quantity
  "Evaluation Criteria//Threshold" (2)
    Evaluation Criteria. Threshold. Amount
    Evaluation Criteria. Threshold. Quantity
  "Item Property//Name" (2)
    Item Property. Name
    Item Property. Name. Code
  "Item Property//Value" (2)
    Item Property. Value. Text
    Item Property. Value. Quantity
  "Process Justification//Reason" (2)
    Process Justification. Reason. Code
    Process Justification. Reason. Text

The above two summaries have been added to the "master model check 
report" I'm running on all future exported models.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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