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Subject: Re: [ubl] Sanity check for models dated 20100618-2010z

In my haste this morning due to other pressing obligations, I 
incorrectly indicated duplicates were not allowed in BBIEs, when in 
fact they are.

At 2010-06-22 07:57 -0400, I wrote:
>At 2010-06-22 13:46 +0300, Fulya Tuncer wrote:
>>This is due to two different element that the same UBL name but 
>>different ABIE.
>I well understand what the problem is, but because of the "Garden of 
>Eden XSD" design pattern we are following of global declarations for 
>elements and types, this is not allowed within BBIEs or within 
>ABIEs.  We do have an example in UBL 2.0 of a BBIE and an ABIE with 
>the same name, but this is not in conflict.

Because BBIEs are used within different ABIEs they are, of course, 
allowed to have the same name (and in fact many do).

>>According to
>>previous communication with Andrew we eliminated Contract Type ABIE 
>>which is qualified
>>with Transport term.
>Then it is a simple case of removing it from the model if it is not 
>referenced from an ASBIE.
>This implies two new model check tests need to be added to my 
>existing work checking for (1) any ABIE that is not referenced by an 
>ASBIE and (2) duplicate UBL Names for ABIEs or BBIEs.

Having just implemented these tests, no problems in the models are 
reported.  This is very confusing.

A visual inspection of the Common Library spreadsheet finds an ASBIE 
on row 354:

TransportContract - Consignment. Transport_ Contract. Contract - ASBIE

... which points to the Contract ASBIE, and an ABIE on row 1931:

TransportContract - Transport Contract. Details - ABIE

... which is pointed to from Transport Execution Status, but no 
references to any qualified ABIE.  Column C is empty in all rows.  So 
in the spreadsheets exported on Friday there is no duplicate UBL Name 
for ABIEs, but in the schemas exported in the same package on Friday 
there is a duplicate.  I am trying to understand the inconsistency 
between the models and the schemas in order to determine if more 
tests are needed of the artefacts that have been exported from the system.

When you say above "we eliminated Contract Type ABIE which is 
qualified with Transport term", is that something you have just done 
since Saturday, or is this something that was done weeks ago after 
consulting with Andrew?

Thank you for your guidance.  This confusing situation is occupying a 
lot of time to try and determine how to guide Arianna in order to 
remove the problem from the schemas.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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