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Subject: Tentative Montreal morning phone call schedule

Hello UBL TC,

Here's the beginning of next week's call schedule, for discussion
in the Monday opening plenary.  We will at a minimum need to
discuss on Monday the phone arrangements for the TSC track so that
we have dial-in instructions for the TSC participants beginning
Tuesday morning.  All morning call start times are 09:15 a.m. in

    Monday morning:

       Opening plenary

    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings:

       These two parallel sessions:

          Editorial work (using the main TC call bridge)

          TSC review (using a bridge to be arranged)

    Friday morning:

       Closing plenary

The assumed model is one in which people in Montreal will work in
the afternoons and send stuff out to participants in Europe and
Australia for review overnight.

Note that one or both of the morning working tracks may end
earlier in the week if their work is finished, and that in
general, calls will be canceled if they're not necessary.

In addition to the work sessions, we have the following
informative reviews on the agenda:

    Review naming conventions

    Tutorial on BIEs and their relationships

We will need to decide Monday whether to hold these sessions in
the afternoon or try to work them into morning slots.  It would
help in determining this to know who among our remote members
is interested in participating.


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