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Subject: UBL eDoCreator extensions...

Dear UBL Community,

We would like to announce new eDoCreator features which we hope will
be useful to you.

First extension is about localization: Via localization extension, users
are able to see local
equivalents of names, business terms and definitions of terms given in
eDoCreator provides an interface for assigning local terms to entities
can be accessed by "Localizations->Localization Update". To add local
terms to entities,
a template excel file is downloaded by selecting an entity and after
filling the template and
uploading it, the local terms becomes available in user interface. Local
terms do not change
the standard reports required by the UBL specification and they do not
appear in the
XML Schema's that are part of the UBL specification. Local terms can be
seen in
graphical visualization of business information entities and business
user documentation.
The privileges of this feature (adding, updating local terms) are (will
be) given to members
of localization subcommittee. If you need such a feature please contact
with us.

Second extension is about documentation. Documentation extension has
been newly
added to eDoCreator to produce rich text reports so that users can
export their
custom document models out of the tool by generated business user
Document reports contain 4 main sections namely, Summary, Functional
Message Specification,
Codelists and Business Rules (defined by using built-in Schematron Editor).
While exporting documents, reports of documents can be included in
exported zip file
if requested. An example business user documentation file can be
downloaded from

Please note that the tool is available at Amazon Compute Cloud:

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to hearing your
feedbacks and comments.

Best regards,

Suat, Fulya, Asuman

PS. Please note the change in the address. Thank you.

PS. Please note the change in the phone and fax numbers. Thank you.

Professor Asuman Dogac
WWW: http://www.srdc.metu.edu.tr/~asuman/
Director                           Phone: +90 (312) 210 1393, or
Software R&D Center                       +90 (312) 210 1763
Department of Computer Eng.        Fax: +90 (312) 210 1837 

Middle East Technical University
06531 Ankara Turkey

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