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Subject: Missing re-use table from SGTG package

Hi folks,

At last night's call Jon reminded me that one file that is missing 
from the SGTG package is the UBL 2.1 version of the UBL 2.0 
etc/UBL-ABIE-Reuse-Table-2.0.* files.

Rather than create ODS or XSL, I've recreated the version 2.0 table 
and created the new version 2.1 table in HTML and a draft of both is 
attached.  Since the HTML content can be copied and pasted into 
spreadsheet tools, anyone needing a spreadsheet can quickly make one.

Interestingly, the UBL 2.0 table in the UBL 2.0 distribution appears 
to have numerous errors.  I created the UBL 2.0 table today in order 
to match the one in the UBL 2.0 distribution, and I discovered they 
didn't match.  From what I can tell by looking at the UBL 2.0 
spreadsheets, the distribution file is in error and the attached file 
is correct.  As I didn't create the UBL 2.0 distribution file, I 
never thought to check it for accuracy.

Unless, of course, I've missed something in the requirements for this 
report and the UBL 2.0 distribution is correct and my attached file 
is incorrect.  If anyone thinks this is the case, please let me know 
ASAP the accurate specification of what goes into this table and I 
will update the attached files accordingly with the revised specification.

Perhaps this can be done by someone before tomorrow's call.

Also please confirm the file is being moved from the etc/ directory 
to the mod/ directory.  I think this makes sense since it is 
distilled from the model information.

When the content of this report is confirmed, I'll add it to the SGTG 
zip for future packages.  For now, Jon, can you simply copy the 2.1 
HTML from the attached to your distribution directory?


. . . . . . . . . . . Ken


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