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Subject: New problem detected with the spreadsheets

Hi folks,

In my continued testing tonight I found another problem with the 
spreadsheets.  I then modified the model checker and determined there 
are 24 occurrences of such a problem.

It turns out there are 24 examples of "Object Class" column values 
with an extraneous space at the end of the value.  For someone 
working with the spreadsheet content, this is a problem (as it turned 
out for me when my HTML reports were inconsistent).

Some column values are allowed to have extraneous spaces because they 
are prose values and not significant values:  Examples, Definition, 
Editor's Notes and Changes from Previous Version ... so I omitted the 
checking of these values after I saw there were hundreds of them.

However, looking at all of the other column values the 24 faulty 
values all happen to be in the Object Class column and not in any other column.

This is, I believe, a value specification/export issue in eDoCreator 
and so I have copied that team on this note for them to address in 
their software.

Meanwhile, I'm posting this to the TC to make sure we decide if this 
is a show-stopper or note for PRD1.  It is something that I tripped 
over in my work, so others might as well ... it is a self-consistency 
problem (for example, the Associated Object Class value "Certificate" 
will not point to the object class "Certificate " until the object 
class is repaired to be the value "Certificate").

. . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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