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Subject: Revised UBL 2.1 PRD1 candidate

Hello UBL TC,

Over the weekend, I received comments from Ken Holman and Stephen
Green leading to the following changes:

    Unzipped the RELAX NG files so that they can be addressed on
    the OASIS site when the release is posted and provided links to
    each from the hub document.

    Corrected URL strings on title page.

    Added TC name and list of namespaces to front matter.

The revised UBL 2.1 PRD1 release candidate is at


This release is complete except that we don't yet have versions of
the non-normative ASN.1 specifications that reflect the last
changes to the schemas.  I'm expecting these in the next day or so.

Please download and review.  I am hoping we can vote to approve
this for submission to OASIS at our meetings this week.


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