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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] UN/CEFACT SBDH

I am aware you stated this  earlier and that it says so on the metamodel but the implementation that is published in CEFACT XML appears to be limited, as Martin responded last month to your earlier comment.  See http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl-dev/201012/msg00006.html

As Sweden are actually using the SBDH in real applications I respect that they understand the issue and need a solution.

This may be why the 'misunderstanding' continues - the practice does not seem to match the expectation.  So it appears we need a UBL messaging architecture solution (like GS1 and others have done).  But we certainly dont want to reinvent yet another envelope for the sake of it and the SBDH metamodel (which is based on a myriad of others) is a great place to start.

On 22/01/2011 12:08 AM, Crawford, Mark wrote:
From the UBL Atlantic minutes of 18 January 2011:
    “My initial reaction was to adopt an
    existing solution such as the UN/CEFACT Standard Business
    Document Header (SBDH), as was done with Svefaktura in Sweden;
    but the SBDH is a relatively small document structure that is
    limited to a single document, and the requirement from BII is
    support for sending a batch of related documents in a single
I am not sure why this misunderstanding of SBDH 1.3 continues.  It is most likely driven by the name of the specification (singular business document) rather than an understanding of the specification. In terms of the specification, a business document is a single exchange – not a single transaction.  The metamodel clearly shows that SBDH fully supports sending a packet of related documents inside a single business document header.  A business document as defined in SBDH Application A, Data Store 1 on line 578 “one internally formatted BD which may contain one or more individual transactions of a single (or multiple closely related) business document types(s) such as purchase order, INVOIC/TAXCON, or shipment request, etc.”
As I do not have posting rights on the UBL list, if someone who does would share this with UBL I would be greatful.
Kind Regards,
Mark Crawford
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org:Document Engineering Services Ltd.
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