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Subject: Re: Issue: two-letter or three-letter language codes?

Hello UBL TC and developers,

Since no compelling reason has been offered for switching to
three-letter language codes, we will continue using the two-letter
versions in UBL 2.1.

Many thanks to everyone who gave input on this question.


Jon Bosak wrote:
> Hello UBL TC and developers,
> A question has arisen with regard to language codes.  It appears that
> UN/CEFACT uses the ISO three-letter lowercase language codes, whereas
> UBL currently includes a list of ISO two-letter uppercase language codes
> (both are ISO standards as far as we know).  We're not going to be
> inclined to change something in 2.1 that already shipped in 2.0, so the
> question is: does anyone know of a good reason why UBL should switch to
> the three-letter lowercase form?
> We need to have this issue resolved by next week, so if anyone has an
> opinion, please let us know ASAP.
> Jon

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