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Subject: Re: [ubl] Latest SGTG snapshot - April 11, 2011 - UBL-SGTG-20110411-2050z

Thank you, Arianna, for your analysis.

At 2011-04-13 12:04 +0200, Arianna Brutti wrote:
>please, find my comments inline below.
>Best regards
>Il 12/04/2011 00:54, G. Ken Holman ha scritto:
>>Remember in the report that the change in old data type 
>>qualification is acceptable.

 From what I read, I think I counted only one question that you asked me:

>>Missing old Data Type Qualifications in new model: 1
>>"Status. Condition Code. Code" old="Transportation Status" new=""
>[Arianna]: I am not understanding if something is wrong .. Ken, 
>please, can you explain?

This report is acceptable because not only is the change is backward 
compatible, but the change reflects a conscious decision on the 
committee's part.  In UBL 2.0 there was a code list value constraint 
on the status element.  In UBL 2.1 there is no such constraint on this element.

The report continues to include this check in the event that any 
other value validation constraint is inadvertently removed, as we 
would want to know about it.

Thank you, again, for your efforts!

. . . . . . . . . Ken

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